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Summary of our ongoing projects

  • Evolution of the ubiquitin system. We aim to understand how the ubiquitin system evolved across different lineages. We integrate protein interaction, genetic, gene expression and comparative genomics data to investigate different aspects of the ubiquitin pathway. Special focus has been given to plants.

  • Plant transcriptomics. Here we generate novel transcriptomic datasets and integrate them with publicly available ones to build transcriptomic maps for several plant species, in particular the ones with agronomical interest.

  • Evolution of essential genes. We want to understand what makes a gene essential in eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes. Conditional essentiality and evolution of essential gene families are key aspects of our studies.

  • Identification of candidate genetic markers. Genomes of economically important plants are being investigated to identify genetic markers (e.g. microsatellites) that will be classified and ranked to further genetic experiments performed by our collaborators.

  • Evolution of chemical tolerance mechanisms. Yeast chemical genetics datasets are integrated and explored using comparative genomics and systems biology approaches to understand the evolutionary basis of chemical stress resistance.